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Long-Lasting Kidney Transplants
Even after getting a kidney transplant, patients' new kidneys can develop serious, life-threatening problems. The good news is research shows that damage to kidney transplants may be less of a problem than previously thought.
Berger's Disease in the Genes
Until now, the cause of Berger's disease was poorly understood. Researchers have found the parts of human DNA that places a greater risk of developing this kidney disorder.
Banning HIV Organ Donation
Researchers from Johns Hopkins believe that a law banning HIV patients from donating their organs to living HIV-positive patients is outdated. If the ban were reversed, hundreds of HIV-positive patients who need an organ could get their transplant within months instead of years.
A Better Kidney Measurement
In a new study, researchers argue that the current way for diagnosing kidney failure in patients with cirrhosis is not accurate enough. Their results show that measures used by the Acute Kidney Injury Network (AKIN) may offer more precise results.
Not Looking Good for Lupus and Kidney Patients
According to findings from two new studies, kidney failure is affecting more and more young people and African Americans. In addition, there hasn't been much improvement in the end results for these patients, especially for children with kidney failure caused by a type of lupus.
Sleep Better with Dialysis at Home
Sleep problems are common among kidney patients who go through the dialysis process. A new study shows that short, daily dialysis sessions at home can reduce patients' sleep problems related to restless legs syndrome.
Diabetics Benefit from Blood Pressure Drug
Type 2 diabetics are exposed to many health risks, including developing kidney problems. New research shows that a common blood pressure drug may help these patients protect their kidneys.
Misguided Kidney Tests for Heart Risk
To evaluate the risk of heart disease in patients with chronic kidney disease, doctors run tests that measure certain biomarkers, specifically blood levels of phosphorus, parathyroid hormone, and calcium. Kidney disease patients are regularly tested to gauge their risk of heart disease, but new research casts doubt on the usefulness of these tests.
Sad About Kidneys
Reinforcing the fact that your mental health impacts your overall health, a new study has found a link between depression and your kidney health.
Your Kidneys: Ensuring Your Overall Health
Patients of kidney disease are not the only ones who need to know about kidney health. You need to be informed too, as the health of your kidneys is vital to your overall health.