Health News

Keep Your New Kidney and Your Wallet
Just because something is more expensive, doesn't mean it's better. This may be the case when you're buying a car, or even when doctors are deciding which drug to prescribe for you.
More Men Need the Knife
For many men, dealing with an enlarged prostate just means waiting it out. However, others may need surgery to avoid the most harmful effects of an enlarged prostate, including kidney damage. Now, research shows that some men aren't getting surgery when they need it.
Former Cowboy Ron Springs Dead at 54
Ron Springs, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, died last Thursday from a heart attack, according to the Cowboys website. He was 54 years old.
It's in the Genes, Not the Skin
Doctors have noticed that kidneys taken from some African-American donors for transplant don't last as long as kidneys from other donors. However, race may not have much to do with the failure of these organs.
Two Visits Are Better than One
Before someone goes through heart surgery doctors need to evaluate the heart's ability to pump blood. The test performed can be harmful to patients' kidneys. However, researchers found a way that may reduce the risk of kidney damage.
Dye Damages Women's Kidneys
Doctors sometimes use X-ray machines to see if your heart is healthy. A type of dye has to be fed into patients' blood in order for these machines to see the inside of the heart. This dye can cause kidney problems for both men and women.
Weight Loss Drug Doesn't Work
Some obese people take weight-loss drugs to help deal with their health problem. One of these drugs, orlistat, may be harmful.  The drug already carries a black box warning for liver damage, which the FDA added last year.
The Right Diet Can Save Your Kidneys
Changing your diet can help with many different health problems. New research supports this point by showing that patients who eat a certain kind of diet can protect their kidneys from the damage caused by diabetes.
Transplants Treated Badly
A kidney transplant can save a patient's life. However, many patients can run into problems after getting a new organ. One of those health problems is narrowed arteries, a condition that may play a part in the rejection of transplanted kidneys.
Spotting Kidney Injury Early
The sooner doctors can spot kidney injury, the sooner they can help patients deal with the condition. Researchers have found a new way to spot kidney injury earlier, which may save lives and lead to better results for patients.