Health News

Kidney Disease: It's in the Family
African Americans have a high risk of kidney failure, especially if they have a family history of the condition. Recent discoveries have now increased the understanding of kidney disease in this high-risk population.
Transplant Care: The Gap Remains Wide
Organ transplant clinics have to report their success rates. The idea is to help patients find the best medical care and motivate clinics to improve their care. But public reporting does not seem to be helping.
Celebrating an Organ Donor Milestone
One major roadblock of getting organ transplants for patients is finding people who are willing to donate. Now, the donation and transplant community is celebrating a long-awaited turn in the right direction.
Kids' Kidneys are Safe
Urinary tract infections are thought to increase the risk of kidney disease in children. Yet, the evidence of this link is not strong and researchers are now challenging the notion.
More Hormone, More Risk
People with chronic kidney disease are at risk of deadly heart problems. If their kidneys stop functioning entirely, they have to go on dialysis. How can doctors spot kidney patients at risk of these complications?
Kidney Trouble Starts Early in Kids
Many diseases act differently in children than in adults. Kidney disease is one of these. Now, recent findings may change the way kidney disease is treated in children.
FDA Approves Soliris For Rare Pediatric Blood Disorder
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Soliris ( eculizumab ) to treat patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome ( aHUS ), a rare and chronic blood disease that can lead to kidney (renal) failure and is also associated with increased risk of death and stroke.
Three-Day Dialysis Isn't Enough
Most kidney failure patients get dialysis treatment three times a week, often taking off the weekend. These two-day breaks may not be such a good idea.
Kidney Failure? Keep Treating Your Lupus
Lupus is a disease that can harm many parts of the body, and even end up causing kidney failure. Researchers have found a way to improve the survival of these patients.
Follow Your Doctor's Prescription
People with kidney disease are told to steer clear of drugs like Motrin and Aleve. Nonetheless, it seems that kidney patients are not taking this advice to heart.