Health News

Some Heart Attack Patients Are Skipping Medications
People with a history of heart attack are at risk of having another. Though medications are often prescribed to stave off another heart attack, not all patients follow that prescription.
FDA Approves Rx to Lower Heart Attack and Stroke Risk
The FDA has approved a medication to lower various cardiovascular risks in certain high-risk patients.
Smoking Affects More Than Your Lungs
Lung cancer and emphysema are usually at the top of the list of smoking risks, but there are many more ways smoking can harm the body.
Promising Rx for Heart Disease Didn't Deliver
Drug trials exist for a reason — so researchers can check a medication’s effectiveness and side effects to be sure it’s safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, not all medications live up to their initial promise.
More Fiber Could Save Your Life
Here's another reason to make whole grains and vegetables a part of your diet: Getting enough dietary fiber may be a life-changing health decision for people who've had a heart attack.
Curbing Serious Diabetes-Related Sickness
From stroke to lost limbs, diabetes can create a series of other sicknesses. The medical community has been focused on curbing rates of serious health problems that are linked to diabetes.
Heart Attack Risk Rose After Loss of Loved One
There are few things more difficult than grieving for the loss of a loved one. A new study shows that this loss may, quite literally, increase the risk for a broken heart.
Daylight Savings Time Tied to Heart Attacks
It can be tough to wake up that first spring morning after "losing an hour" with daylight savings time, but could it also be harmful to your health? A new study explored that possibility.
Blood Pressure Rx Cuts Heart Attack, Death Rate
Diabetes increases the likelihood of having heart disease. While blood pressure medications may help reduce related risks, some therapies may be more effective than others.
Diabetes Rx Does Not Help Heart Attack Patients
For those with diabetes, metformin not only helps to control blood sugar, but it may also boost heart health. The cardiovascular benefit, however, may not extend to those without diabetes.