Health News

Strong Children Have Lower Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease
You don’t have to be a body builder to be healthy, but a new study says that children with strong muscles have a lower risk for some common diseases.
Supplements Didn’t Reduce Heart Disease in Elderly
Many people take omega-3 fatty acids to reduce their risk of heart disease. Some elderly patients may not be getting the benefit they hoped for.
Men Received Faster Treatment for Heart Attack
Getting help fast is key to surviving a heart attack, but one new study suggests there may be a delay in getting women the treatment they need once they arrive for emergency care.
Bursts of Anger Tied to Heart Troubles
Calming down to keep from bursting out in anger might not just be good for your relationships — it might be better for your heart, according to a new review.
Imaging Tests May Predict Stroke and Heart Attack
If your arteries have dangerous plaque build-up, determining your risks for stroke and heart attack can help guide self-care and medical care. Certain imaging tests may aid in predicting those risks.
Partner's Death Could Increase Heart Attack Risk
The death of a loved one can bring emotional strife and, quite literally, heartbreak. According to a new study, the loss of a loved one might be linked to heart troubles.
Some Heart Patients Did Not Get the Rx They Might Need
ACEIs and ARBs are medications that help lower the risk of death in high-risk patients who have had a heart attack. But many of these high-risk patients may not be getting these beneficial medications.
Serious Dangers of Intense Activity at Work
In general, exercise boosts heart health. A job that demands rigorous physical activity, however, might trigger a heart attack or stroke, especially for those with high risk factors.
Many Heart Attacks Go Undetected After Surgery
Heart attacks often come with warning signs, such as pain or discomfort in the chest. Attacks after surgery, however, may go undetected unless patients have a blood test that can spot heart trouble.
Beer: The Health Benefits and Consequences
Many Americans enjoy their alcohol, spending close to $99 billion every year on beer alone. Here’s a list of potential health benefits and consequences of beer consumption.