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Kidney Patients Who Need Statins Might Not Take Them
Two major health groups recommend statins for many patients with chronic kidney disease. But a new study found that many patients who should take statins didn't take them — even after a doctor recommended that they do so.
Gene Mutations May Lower Cholesterol, Heart Attack Risk
Mutations to a single gene may lower cholesterol, a new study found. These findings may mean that a cholesterol-lowering medication that targets that same gene could have a new use with preventing heart attacks.
Even Without Blockage, Artery Disease May Still Be a Threat
With coronary artery disease, plaque may block blood vessels. Sometimes, however, plaque that does not restrict blood flow may develop. But even this type of plaque buildup may raise the risk of heart attack.
Blood Pressure Was Lower in Patients Who Visited Doctor More
High blood pressure may be about as common today as it was a decade ago, a new study found. But patients with high blood pressure who visited their doctor more often and who kept their high cholesterol in check were more likely to have lower blood pressure.
Women May Be More Prone to Post-Heart Attack Depression
A heart attack can be a stressful event, even to the point that it can affect mental health. This may be especially true for women, say the authors of a new study.
Healthy Behaviors Lowered Heart Attack Risk in Men
Medications may be responsible for a recent decline in heart disease-related deaths, but healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and not smoking may cut heart risks without the side effects.
Race, Ethnicity Were Key in Gauging Heart Disease Risk
Higher levels of fat around a man’s heart have often been associated with heart disease. However, when it comes to determining a man’s risk for heart disease, his race, ethnicity and fat storage may be key.
Generic Statins May Be More Beneficial Than Brand Names
Generic statins may have more going for them than just being cheaper. Patients may be more likely to take them as directed, and they may keep patients healthier than brand names.
New Recommendations for Preventing Cardiac Death in Youth
Sudden death from heart problems among young people is a rare but tragic health issue. But new health recommendations may help prevent such events.
Diabetes May Affect Young and Old Differently
Diabetes affects millions in the US. But new research suggests that it may affect patients in different ways.