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Bump That Baby Bump
Weight gain is important during pregnancy, as is weight maintenance. How can they both be achieved? Exercise is the key and is recommended during pregnancy, but is it safe or effective?
New Answers for Infertility and Miscarriage
Miscarriage and infertility are heart-wrenching experiences for a woman. A new study offers possible answers about pregnancy loss that could help doctors better prevent and treat infertility in the future.
Exercising while Pregnant Produces Results
Most doctors agree that modified physical activity and an exercise regimen during pregnancy is healthy for mom and baby.
Staying Healthy for Baby
Good and early prenatal care helps keep you and your baby healthy. The first, and most important, aspect of pregnancy health is to see a physician right away and continue to get regular prenatal medical care.
Prenatal Vitamin B Helps Babies Talk on Time
Parents are often anxious to hear their children's first words and worry if that first word is late. Taking a particular B vitamin in early pregnancy could keep 'Baby' on track for talking.
Fishy Danger
Nutritionists suggest fish as a healthier choice of protein, but certain fish are high in methylmercury. Methylmercury can be dangerous at high levels - especially for pregnant women.
Extra Calcium and Moms-to-be
Pregnant women are often told to take more calcium to benefit themselves and their babies, but the benefits of doing so have been unclear.
Injectable Birth Control Increases Risk for HIV
If you or your partner uses injectable birth control, you may be at higher risk of catching HIV, says a new University of Washington study.
Healthy Eating In Utero
During pregnancy, mothers are told they need folic acid, also known as folate. This mineral helps prevent neural tube defects, but it doesn't prevent all birth defects.
If Family Planning Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it
Remember the days when many companies weren't willing to employ married women because of the assumption they would just get pregnant?