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Can Too Much Fat Damage Your Eggs?
Women undergoing in vitro fertilization ( IVF ) should be aware that their diet may affect their eggs. 
Putting Your Eggs on Ice
The process of in vitro fertilization ( IVF ) involves a series of complex steps to coax a woman's body to produce extra eggs for fertilization and implantation.
Being Unable to Conceive
The stress of dealing with infertility take both a physical and emotional toll on women's bodies. Now, there's evidence that this stress can lead to mental health conditions as well.
Hard Work When Carrying a Baby
While a certain amount of physical activity is healthy during pregnancy, women have to be careful not to overexert themselves. Finding that line can be tough in a demanding job.
No HIV Risk with Hormonal Injections
Sexually active women may wonder which form of birth control is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Condom use is the most effective way to prevent HIV infection, says the nation’s top health agency.
Alcohol, Drugs Don’t Impact Sperm Quality
Couples who face fertility problems should heed the latest fertility news: A man’s drinking and smoking habits and other lifestyle factors do not appear to be linked to a man’s swimming sperm count.
Military Women at Higher Risk of Un-intended Pregnancy
There are plenty of contraceptive choices available. Still, many women face an unplanned pregnancy. One recent study says that the risk for unplanned pregnancy could be even higher for military women.
Easier Fertility Regime Possible - 12-Jun-2012 6:00pm CST
Aside from the psychological and emotional stress of fertility problems, going through fertility treatments takes a physical toll on women too. Fortunately, the burden can be lessened
New Liver Won't Prevent a New Baby
Being an organ transplant recipient can mean major changes in your life. Fortunately for women with liver transplants, the possibility of having children isn't one of these.
Non-invasive Down Syndrome Test Is Accurate
For most women, prenatal screening is important. Prenatal screening enables doctors to detect diseases or conditions in a growing baby before it is born.