Health News

Parents Defy Gloomy Medical Predictions
Trisomy 13 and 18 are chromosomal disorders, like Down's syndrome. Some parents may feel devastated when they learn their baby has such a disorder, but the reality holds much more optimism.
When Did Your Child Engage in Sex?
A fear held by many parents is that their adolescent will become sexually active at an early age. Here's good news: Being an involved parent can make a difference, says new research.
Good News About US Children
Ready for some good news about kids today? An annual federal report on children's well-being in the US has a lot of it, from birth outcomes to school performance to deaths.
Anticoagulant Treatment Not While Pregnant
What puts women at risk of pregnancy problems? Lots of factors, including illness, obesity and stress. A recent finding says that a type of antibody is also a risk factor.
Less is More with Embryo Transfers
One consideration in undergoing in vitro fertilization ( IVF ) treatment to have a baby is how many embryos to transfer into a woman's womb at once. One? Two? Three?
Test Tube Babies Reach 5 Million
The first "test tube baby," Louise Brown was born in July, 1978. Now, 34 years later, she's one of 5 million babies born by in vitro fertilization ( IVF ).
Contraceptive Use Linked to Attitude
What makes a woman more likely to use effective contraception? Scientists are still exploring all of the social, economic and cultural reasons. A recent study confirms one important link: Attitude plays a role.
Preserve Fertility for Life After Cancer
Young women who require chemotherapy or other cancer treatment may find that the treatment risks permanent damage to their fertility - but science is catching up.
Smoking Leads to Deadly Pregnancies
It's no surprise that smoking is harmful to a pregnant woman's fetus. But smoking can also increase the risk of a woman experiencing a dangerous kind of pregnancy in the first place.
Too Much Coffee Disrupts Fertility
If you're trying to have a baby with fertility treatments, there's no reason to skip your morning cup of coffee...but keep the refills to a minimum.