Health News

Retired...From Taking Meds?
Retirement can be a liberating time for many people. But with this huge life transition, people's habits may change. They might even stop taking their medications as prescribed.
Attention When Picking Supplements for Diabetes
The number of diabetes patients who take nutritional supplements to control their blood sugar is increasing. But do supplements really help to improve diabetes? What are the main ingredients that are used in supplements for diabetes? How safe and regulated are they?
Staying Informed to Stay on Medication
Understanding basic health information — in other words, health literacy — can help patients make the right health decisions and take their medications correctly.
What's in Those Plastics?
It can often take a while for researchers to learn more about the effects of different substances in the environment on our bodies. Phthalates are one of those substances we're learning more about.
Voluntary Recall of Specified Lots of Nova Max Glucose Test Strips
Nova Diabetes Care today announced it is initiating a voluntary recall of 21 lots of the Nova Max Glucose Test Strips distributed both in the USA and outside the continental USA. Nova Max® Plus™ glucose meter kits that include test strips from the recalled lots are also included in this voluntary recall.
FDA Alerts Companies to Stop Illegal Sale of Treatments for Diabetes
The US Food and Drug Administration is taking action to remove from the market illegal products, including some labeled as dietary supplements, that claim to mitigate, treat, cure or prevent diabetes and related complications.
LifeScan Announces Voluntary Recall of All OneTouch Verio IQ Blood Glucose Meters
LifeScan, Inc. is initiating a voluntary recall and replacement for all of its OneTouch ® Verio ® IQ blood glucose meters in the United States, effective immediately.
Know Your Kidneys and Spread the Word
During National Kidney Month in March, The National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) seeks to raise awareness about kidney health.
Diabetes Rx in Review: Is It Safe?
Before a Rx can make it to pharmacy shelves, it has to go through a strict testing process. Sometimes, the Rx is found to pose serious risks to patients, as was the case with a new diabetes drug.
Primary Doctors for Diabetes Care
If you're living with a chronic disease like diabetes, it's important to have the help of healthcare professionals. According to recent research, it may be especially important to have a consistent primary care doctor.