Health News

Diabetes-Lipitor Link Isn't Found in Everyone
Drug treatment can prevent heart problems for those at risk. However, certain drugs may lead to other serious health issues, including diabetes.
Air Travel Troubles in Diabetic Devices
Many diabetes patients use devices that help them track blood sugar and deliver insulin when needed. As new devices are frequently popping up, it is hard to know in advance if the devices will run into problems while in use.
Communicating Heart Risk in Diabetes
Doctors may be well aware that diabetes raises the risk of heart problems, but many diabetes patients may not know about these risks. Effort to educate patients about heart risks may be needed.
Diabetes and Barbershops
Even though it is clear that certain lifestyle changes can prevent heart disease and diabetes, many people still do not make these needed changes. The barbershop may be one place to convince people to change.
Most Diabetes Programs Do Their Job
Even though the rate of type 2 diabetes is growing quickly, the disease can be prevented. Simple lifestyle choices can change the course of diabetes. To fight diabetes, patients often need more support and access to care.
Ongoing Diabetes Support
Diabetes does not go away in a couple days. It lasts for years, even a lifetime. For this reason, patients need continuous support from their family and friends.
A Rainy Forecast for Diabetes
Diabetes is one of the most serious health issues in the United States. Current trends suggest that the medical and social costs of diabetes will be huge in just 10 years. Healthy choices can change this trend.
Multiple Diseases, Multiple Problems
In the age of multitasking, “one thing at a time” is as outdated as a polyester leisure suit. The same is true for doctors treating just one disease as it can lead to confusion and inferior care.
FDA Approves Blood Sugar Monitor App
iPhones have made a huge impact on the way we access information. Can't remember the name of that one actor? Pull out your phone and the answer is there. Now, the FDA has approved a new iPhone tool for diabetes patients.
Diabetes Care: A Patient-Centered Approach
Type 2 diabetes is a complex disease. As such, treating the disease also has become complex. Now, new treatment guidelines are reflecting the need to personalize treatment for individual patients.