Health News

FDA: Blood Pressure Medication Warning
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning of possible risks when using blood pressure medicines containing aliskiren with other drugs called angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors ( ACEIs ) and angiotensin receptor blockers ( ARBs ) in patients with diabetes or kidney (renal) impairment.
Reducing Risks Could Cut Alzheimer's
Moderate lifestyle changes may seem small, but they can provide large returns in better health. Exercising and smoking cessation are among modifiable changes capable of reducing risk of Alzheimer's disease.
FDA Recall of Insulin Delivery Device
The FDA is recalling Roche's ACCU-CHEK FlexLink Plus infusion set, a tool used to deliver insulin to diabetic patients.
Diabetes Around the World
Around the world, millions of people face an increased risk of early death from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases related to diabetes. Researchers found that poor diagnoses and ineffective treatment are to blame.
Dangers of the Unknown
New research shows that elderly patients with undiagnosed high blood glucose may face an increased risk of dying in the hospital.
A Kinked Cannula
Roche Insulin Delivery Systems announced today that it is notifying its customers and healthcare professionals about the recall of the ACCU-CHEK FlexLink Plus infusion set.
Sick and Abused
According to a study by Swedish researchers, children who are chronically ill are much more likely than healthy children to be victims of physical abuse.
Freaky Fruit Findings at Your Fingertip
Who would've thought that fruit could harm you in some way? Apparently it can. According to new research, fruit residue on the hands of diabetics can cause finger-prick blood tests to show inaccurate blood sugar readings.
Schooling Parents and Teachers on Diabetes
School-age children with diabetes face unique challenges and sometimes dangerous situations tied to their oftentimes unpredictable glucose levels.
A Plan to Help the Pre-existing Condition Crowd
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is increasing awareness about a health plan for uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions created by the Affordable Care Act.