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Are Bipolar Disorder & High IQ Linked?
Is there a connection between manic depression and high intelligence? A new study seems to have found one, yet has also produced puzzling, seemingly contradictory data.
Depression is Risky?
Most children with bipolar disorder will not attempt suicide, but the ones who do have a few things in common. Noticing these common risk factors can help prevent suicide attempts.
Comparing Therapies for Bipolar
There are many therapy options out there for bipolar disorder, but is one more effective than another?
Mental Health Meds During Pregnancy
Taking medications during pregnancy is an important decision for a woman. It requires a risk-benefit analysis regarding the value of the drug for the mother versus the possible effects on the fetus.
Does Pollen Make Bipolar Depression Worse?
Do allergic reactions affect bipolar depression? Could an immune reaction to pollen compromise one's mental health?
Milk Fights off Teenage Mental Health
It’s summertime, and for some teens that means soaking up the sun. But could getting the right amounts of vitamin D affect more than just skin?
Stay Focused With HIV Meds
Getting the most out of a medication requires taking it every day and on time, especially for chronic conditions such as HIV. It's a tall order for anyone and mental health issues can complicate matters.
Predicting Another Bipolar Mood Event?
The depression and mania symptoms of bipolar disorder can come and go. Researchers looked into what factors might predict relapse of symptoms. Bipolar mood episodes can show up as depression, mania, or mixed episodes that contain symptoms of both depression and mania. Mood episodes were more likely to show up again in people who had more limited access to services because they lived in rural areas and in people who were more severely disabled by their condition.  People with these risk factors could be the target of new interventions. Discuss bipolar symptoms with a psychia...
Ketamine to Treat Bipolar Depression
Ketamine is a drug commonly used in surgical anesthesia. A potential new use for this drug might be in the treatment of bipolar depression. A recent study found that an injection of ketamine improved mood within minutes for people with bipolar disorder, who were not responsive to other medications. The effects of the one-time injection lasted for up to two weeks. Ask your psychiatrist about available treatment options. In an effort to replicate previous findings, Carlos Zarate , MD, of the National Institute of Mental Health, and colleagues enrolled 15 people with either ty...
Sleeping for Sanity
Recent studies have shown that many Americans are finding it harder and harder to get a decent amount of sleep, but why? Studies have pointed to physical issues, like obstructive sleep apnea, as well as mental health issues, like stress and depression. It's been proven that losing weight can greatly improve symptoms of sleep apnea. But what about treating mental health issues? In a question similar to the "chicken versus the egg" conundrum, could sleep problems traditionally thought to be symptoms of mental disorders actually be the cause of the mental disorders? Could treating sleep disord...