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Sleep Apnea and Bipolar Disorder
Sleep apnea can lead to health problems and make people sleepy during the day. New research links bipolar disorder to sleep apnea.
Bipolar... and Pregnant
They say pregnancy can give women crazy mood swings as her hormones are in flux. So what if a woman already has bipolar disorder and becomes pregnant?
Who Pays for Children’s Bipolar Care?
Kids with bipolar disorder may need medications, therapy, and hospital stays. Health insurance may cover some but not all of the care needed.
Long-time Depression Linked to Bipolar Disorder
The lows of bipolar disorder are much like depression, but are they related? A recent study found that long-time depression can change to bipolar for some people.
Early Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar mania has many symptoms, like feeling high or excited. People may have symptoms of mania without having bipolar, and some symptoms may put them at risk for bipolar disorder.
Mental Illness Linked to Cancer Risk
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can be associated with various health problems. New research suggests that cancer risk is higher for people with these disorders.
Analyzing Bipolar Disorder in Children
Bipolar disorder can be hard to manage at any age. But when a sufferer is young, it can be even more so in a variety of different areas - harder to identify, harder to treat, harder to cope with. Bipolar disorder in children is sometimes called early onset bipolar disorder or juvenile bipolar disorder and there is some disagreement on how the illness manifests itself in young patients. Despite debate, with proper awareness, attention and treatment, both children with this disorder and their families can adjust and succeed. How Bipolar Disorder is Displayed in Children Bipol...
Schooling Bipolar Treatment
Patients with bipolar often continue therapy even when symptoms are mild, to try and avoid relapse.
Antipsychotics and Suicidal Behavior
Bipolar disorder is sometimes treated with antipsychotic medications. First and second generation antipsychotics have different side effects, but do they have the same suicide risk?
Autism Linked to Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia
Research is looking for ways to understand which children are at risk for autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ), because knowing the risk factors can help with early detection.