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Treatments for Children with Severe Asthma
Management systems are important in controlling chronic diseases like asthma. Using inflammation as a guide to treating asthma did not improve asthma control.
Stay Away from BPA While Pregnant
Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure during pregnancy should be avoided. In a new study, BPA has been linked to increasing the risk of developing asthma in newborns.
Visiting Asthma at Home is a Success
Children in low-income areas have an increased risk of developing asthma. A new community-based program has been successful in helping to control asthma.
Ladies - The Air May Impact Your Mind
Older women should be mindful about the air they breathe: Chronic exposure to air pollution may be hurting your ability to think, reason and remember.
Exposing Yourself to Asthma
Skin acts as a barrier to environmental exposure and may play a role in asthma. A possible protein mutation may increase exposure to irritants leading to asthma development.
Get Control of Your Asthma
Controlling asthma and asthma symptoms has been the focal point of doctors and patients alike. Researchers are looking at the small-airways of the lungs to better control asthma.
Dust Mites do Cause Allergies
Dust mites are a common cause for asthma in children. For parents, simple control measure around the house can help manage a child's asthma.
Don't Fret About Taking Advair
No matter how effective a drug may be, if it is not safe it cannot be used. A new study has found out how safe a common asthma treatment is.
Childhood BMI Linked to Asthma and Allergies
Your child's Body Mass Index (BMI) can say a lot about their health. A high BMI at the age of seven is linked to an increased risk of asthma and allergies.
Breaking Down the Cost of Asthma
How much does asthma really cost? A new study is breaking down the cost of living next to a busy road and asthma.