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Smoke Exposure a Concern for Children
Despite many public policy recommendations, asthmatic children are still being exposed to second-hand smoke. This early exposure to cigarette smoke can lead to lifelong problems.
Who Wants to Live in California?
California needs to clean up its act. Air quality findings by the American Lung Association (ALA) saw California cities dominating the top of the lists for three significant categories.
Asthmatic Olympians Are Winners
A surprising number of elite athletes have asthma. As the Olympics are set to start in London, many are studying this phenomenon and the lessons to be learned from these athletes.
Go Ahead - Make a Mud Pie, Kiddo!
The joke is that experienced parents don't clean off a pacifier after it falls on the floor. A few extra germs just build the immune system, right? Well, they may be on to something.
Science Confirms Science: Smoking is Bad
Expectant mothers should be wary of second-hand smoke. Exposure to second-hand smoke has been shown to increase the risk of asthma and wheezing in children.
Air Pollution's Effect on Asthma
Air pollution is a concern for many but its effects on lung health is unknown. A new study sheds light on how what is in the air may affect the number of people with asthma or poor lung health.
Allergic Asthma? There's a Shot for That
Asthma treatment is getting a shot in its arm. A new study highlights how vaccination can be an effective alternative to inhalers.
Asthma Begins in Infancy
Asthma may have its beginnings in cute babies. In a new study, the development of asthma in children was associated with their lung health as newborns.
Out-of-Pocket Cost Deter Asthma Treatment
The out-of-pocket cost of a child's asthma puts a strain on a family's wallet and on the child's health. The cost of asthma treatment has led to reduced medicine use and more hospitalizations.
Asthma Gets its Close-up
If you can see it, you can treat it according to a new asthma study. Using a bronchoscope can be effective for hard-to-treat asthma.