Health News

Only 15% of Males use Condoms
Young adults may not want to have children, but that doesn't seem to be affecting whether or not they use protection during sex.
Wide Waistline Could Mean Brain Problems
Could the width of your waist be linked to how well your memory functions? It does for people with HIV/AIDS.
Could Aspirin Help Stop Cervical Cancer?
A new report recommends that researchers test whether aspirin might be able to help stop cervical cancer from developing in women with HIV.
Tailored Cancer Treatment for HIV Patients
It's no easy thing to treat cancer in a regular patient. But it's an even more difficult job when the patient has both cancer and HIV.
More Safety Points for HPV Vaccine
The vaccine recommended for boys and girls to prevent HPV, an infection that can cause cervical and other cancers, has been shown not to cause diabetes, lupus or similar diseases in young women.
Spit Test Accurate for HIV Diagnosis
Which would you rather do, give up some saliva or have blood taken? Good news for those of us who hate being pricked with needles: A saliva test can replace a blood test for HIV.
Oral Drug Cocktail Is Treatment for Hep C
Hepatitis C is a serious condition that damages the liver and can be difficult to treat. Here's the latest on its treatment: A new university study says that a drug combo may be able to slow the disease’s growth.
Viral Load Biggest Factor in Reducing HIV
We all know that HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, and that safe sex is the best way to prevent infection. But if you're not being safe with an HIV-positive partner, what's your risk?
Herpes Hides From the Eye
Taking antiviral therapy medications - even at high dosages - is not sufficient to prevent the spread of genital herpes, even when symptoms are not present.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
A vaccine to protect against herpes has shown some success for one strain of the virus, offering researchers hope that they're on the right path to a more comprehensive vaccine.