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Baby Boomers: Get Tested for Hep C
Are you a member of the baby boomer generation? Next time you go to the doctor, they may recommend getting tested for hepatitis C.
Young Women Not Going All the Way
Since 2006, the human papillomavirus ( HPV ) has been suggested for girls and young women to cut their risks of developing cervical cancer. Young men are also being urged to complete the 3-shot series.
So You're Pregnant? Get Tested!
Not enough pregnant women are being screened for the two most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, chlamydia and gonorrhea, putting themselves and their newborns at risk.
Liver Cancer's Inheritance
The link between viruses that cause hepatitis and the development of cancer is believed to be why several areas in Asia have higher rates of liver cancer. New research indicates that may not be the full story.
A Miracle Pill For HIV Prevention? Not So
The first pill approved by the FDA for preventing HIV in healthy patients doesn't come without concern. Experts worry that the drug do more harm than good.
HIV Drug Safe During Pregnancy
Women with HIV or chronic Hepatitis B may take Viread , whose generic name is tenofovir , for treatment. They can safely continue this treatment if they get pregnant.
HPV-Related Throat Cancers Fare Better
The human papilloma virus (HPV) has surpassed smoking, drinking and poor diet as the leading cause of oral cancers in this country. New research is showing that people with HPV oral cancers have a better outlook than those whose oral cancers are not caused by HPV. Findings from a review of a large Danish database suggest that people with HPV-positive oropharyngeal (throat) cancer who are light smokers can be treated with radiotherapy alone and don't need chemotherapy. These folks also had a better overall outcome than people with HPV-negative throat cancer. Talk to your doctor ...
Pills That Prevents HIV?
For decades, researchers have struggled to find medical defenses against HIV infection. Now, an effective option is on the table: Popping a preventative pill called Truvada .
Interferon and Depression
Depressive symptoms may be present in patients with hepatitis C before they begin treatment. But research suggests that the hepatitis C drug, interferon, also contributes to depression.
Gene Therapy Safe for HIV Patients
It's hoped that gene therapy – altering the genetic code in a patient's cells – will someday cure disease. But today, it's enough to know that it's not causing additional illness.