Health News

Castrating Prostate Cancer
A great deal of cancer medicine has to do with targeting and then blocking the activities of molecules that create chaos - and cancer - in the body.
Gold and Tea Overwhelm Prostate Cancer
The chemotherapy used to treat prostate cancer is no picnic. A new option is emerging that could combine the powers of tea and gold.
Combination Radiation Lowers Prostate Cancer Recurrence
Radiation therapy is often used at some point in treating prostate cancer. A recently published study finds that a combination of radiation therapies may be an effective treatment option that decreases problematic side effects.
Steroid Levels Tied to Weak Hearts
Low levels of a naturally-occurring steroid may be linked to an increased risk of developing heart or blood vessel disease in elderly men.
Statins, Prostate Cancer Fighter?
A team from Duke University found that prostate growth is slightly slower in men prescribed statin drugs for high cholesterol.
The Low Down on PSA Levels
There has been a dizzying amount of information lately about using prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing to screen for prostate cancer.
Better Sleep Means Better Sex
For any men out there who have waited to get their sleep apnea diagnosed or treated, here's one reason to do so that's hard to ignore: your sex life will get better.
Potential for Hormone-Free Male "Pill"
Wouldn't it be nice to have a male contraceptive pill without side effects? No such drug is in development yet, but a recent genetic discovery has shown it's possible.
Sex & Prostate Cancer
Not only is prostate cancer tough, the toll it takes on sexual function doesn’t make things any easier. A little support from peers and professionals can help.
Diabetes Linked to Low Testosterone
If you are a man with diabetes, you are twice as likely as other men to suffer from low testosterone. But does it work the other way around? Can low testosterone boost your risk for diabetes?