Health News

Parental Excuse Needed for Smoking Sickness
So much research over the past 50 years has been focused on the dangers of smoking to the smoker. Their children are stakeholders in this addiction and are paying a price too.
The How, Why and Cost of the Common Cold
Deadlines looming often prompt employees to go to work even if they have a cold infection. Now, there are usually options to stay home with your child and work remotely.
Be Free From Smoke
Smoking is linked to many health issues and yet these risks aren’t enough to motivate some to quit. Family, friends and coworkers might be able to help – ban smoking from work and home.
Look to the Left, to the Right, and Left Again
It's that time again for our precious bundles of joy to start school. Kids are probably just as excited as parents, but don't forget to teach kids about safety when crossing streets.
Health Disparities for Disabled Examined
Those who experience the poorest health are also disadvantaged in other ways as well. A recent report is putting a microscope to the general health of the disabled.
Baby Fever Felt By Men Too
It is widely assumed than women have more of an urge to start a family than men. Something of a missplaced "nurturance need" is often cited as the reason. But, men desire children too.
iPods Harming Pedestrians
Technology is continiously advancing and everything is getting smaller and easier to carry – especially mp3 players or iPods. But, are these little devices too distracting?
Walking: A Ticket to the Outside
Maintaining physical activity levels is important at all ages. It may be particularly important for geriatric patients to have daily fitness goals.
Toxic Flame Retardants Still in Offices
In a study of 31 Boston offices, polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants were found in every office tested. PBDEs are under an international ban as they are toxic. Why is it still there?
Living La Vida Loca in College
College students living on their own for the first time can live life a little too fully. It appears they haven't quite found a balance yet.