Health News

Dietitians Practice What They Preach
They say if you want the best plate in the house, you should order what the chef eats. The same might be said for following the eating and health habits of registered dietitians.
Step up to Prevent Child Stairs Injuries
Children aren't tumbling down the stairs at the same rate they used to, but a young child is still on the way to the ER once every six minutes for stairs-related injuries.
Muscles: Use 'Em or Lose 'Em
Exercise does more than stretch and work your muscles - it actually alters the molecules in your muscles' DNA, prepping those muscles to reap the benefits of exercise.
If You Give a Kid a Chickpea Cookie
If the proof is in the pudding, parents best fess up: admit to your vegetable-rejecting little one that the goodness of peas and carrots await them… in their favorite spice cake.
If Bars are Close, Violence May Be Closer
Growing research has developed indicating risk factors for potential violence in intimate relationships that come from both genetic and environmental sources, and new research suggests a person’s proximity to the neighborhood bar scene may contribute to their aggression at home. 
Multiple Homes Produce Health Risks
We all know that stability is important for healthy development in childhood. Moving frequently can be a factor that disrupts children's social stability.
Keep On Practicing
Practice makes perfect, they say, but keep on practicing even after perfection. Continued practice makes the body more efficient - so that the same tasks use less energy.
Eat Mindfully at Your Favorite Haunts
Avoiding restaurants because of your diet? A new study says you may not have to if you make smart, "mindful" choices.
Prenatal Smoking is Deadly
We've known for decades that smoking during pregnancy is potentially damaging for the baby, and has been linked to various birth defects, premature birth, underdeveloped lungs, low birthweight and many other problems.
Rising Exemptions for School Vaccinations
Before children can enter kindergarten, they're required to have a number of vaccinations against disease. But a growing number of kids are heading to school without their shots.