Health News

Mental Health and Academic Performance Examined
It's well established that poor mental health can contribute to poor academic performance. The question is finding out which specific conditions can hurt teens' school success.
Just Try and Tamper With It
It’s no secret that opioid prescription abuse is a serious problem. Drug makers have tried reformulating opioid pills for anti-abuse and the rate of oxycodone abuse has dropped compared to the older version.
Pregnancy and Cocaine – A Bad Idea
It's challenging enough to raise headstrong toddlers. But toddlers and older kids whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy? Their behavior can be especially difficult.
When NOT To Take Another One
Some people who abuse alcohol may avoid treatment because they fear they’ll never be able to drink again, even occasionally. Not all counselors agree that every case requires total abstinence.
Young Adults Taking 12 Steps
It can be tough for young addicts to get involved in 12 step groups full of older folks. But if they do find a 12 step group where they can really engage, success rates are high.
Your Brain on Stress & Drinking
Why do people drink when they’re stressed? And why do some people stop after a drink or two and others let things turn into problem drinking?
The Perfect Heart Attack Drug
Cocaine overdoses can often end up in heart attacks. But long-term habitual cocaine use can also change the structure of the heart to set it up for a heart attack not from an overdose.
Drug Abuse in Teens Includes OTC
Think that over-the-counter means lack-of-danger? Not true, teens can poison themselves or have seizures from trying to get high off of non-prescription drugs.
Teens Popping Pills
Don’t let the medicine cabinet become a playground of painkillers for teens to abuse. Overdoses from painkillers are becoming far more common than those from heroin and cocaine.
Diabetes Drug Could Slow Speedy Addicts
In most cases, a drug is first created to treat one disease. Later down the road, however, researchers may find that the drug can be used for other purposes - which is the case now with a certain diabetes drug.