Health News

Does Toking Take a Toll on the Ticker?
Smoking marijuana may increase the chances of heart attack immediately after use. For those who have had a heart attack, continued pot smoking may be linked to a shorter life span.
Addiction Treatment Needs Wider Reach
Rehab can help some addicts quit alcohol and drug abuse. However, rehab doesn't work for everyone. Proper funding, being able to get and hold down a job and access to education could be key factors in successful rehabilitation.
Bipolar Disorder and Drug Abuse in Teens
Substance abuse, or drug abuse, is common in people with bipolar disorder. A recent study looked for substance abuse risk factors in kids and teens with bipolar disorder.
Opioids and Driving Don't Mix
Drinking and driving is an obvious no-no. But painkillers and driving can be just as dangerous. Let somebody else take over driving duties during pain management regimens.
Boston’s Homeless Overdosing More
Medicine may have advanced since the 1980s , but death rates among the homeless in one of the United States' biggest cities remains the same. Drug overdoses have become the greatest concern.
Pill Popping in Slight Decline
In the US, the most frequent use of illegal drugs is marijuana. The second most frequent use of illegal drugs was prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes.
More Meth, More Problems
What happens when a person uses methamphetamines more than 16 days out of the month? Does psychosis increase the more meth a person uses?
Trouble on the Needle
Shooting up is both extremely dangerous and a difficult habit to kick. What can be done to help prevent people from ever going down the path of injecting drugs?
Drugs & Alcohol Lead to Dead Ends
What role do drugs and alcohol play in homicide and suicide deaths? Are men and women at different risks for drug or alcohol involvement with a violent death?
Antipsychotic Trial for Meth Addicts
As of yet, there is no pill on the market for treating methamphetamine addiction. Researchers will have to continue to test and investigate for a solution.