Health News

Can Recessions Increase Health Risks?
If you thought the effects of the economic recession were temporary, think again. National unemployment dips may have a surprising long-term effect on the very youngest generations.
Teenager Brains on Booze
Teenagers aren’t allowed to drink because it’s dangerous. Not just accident-prone dangerous, but actual breakdown of the brain’s white matter dangerous.
Loss of Control: Food, Drugs & Depression
Binge eating may be a predictor of marijuana and other drug use and depression. The good news is binge eating can be successfully treated.
Spice Isn’t so Nice
The sale of artificial marijuana was nationally banned in 2012. With little to no regulation, there was no way to tell what was in the synthetic marijuana anyway.
Drug Abuse Can Be Contagious
If Sally's brother John has a drug abuse problem, Sally is at risk for drug abuse too. But why? Is it more about the genes they share? Or is it about living in the same house?
A Black Eye in Teen Romance
Patterns of violence in romantic relationships often start young. And the effects of dating violence in the teen years carry over into the adult years.
Don't Throw These Leftovers Away
It's not uncommon to have leftover medications from a prescription you no longer need. If wisdom teeth sockets no longer hurt, most people stop taking the painkiller. But not everyone.
Hit the Books, Not the Bottle
College can be both an exciting and a rough transition from high school. Those who struggle with mental health issues may find it harder to stay in school.
New Drug Combo For Cocaine Addicts
Treating cocaine dependence is extremely tough. The science community is working towards making it a little easier with medication. A new trial has taken a step in the right direction.
Are Teens Overmedicated?
Are teenagers today being prescribed too many antidepressants, stimulants and other mental health drugs? Many doctors and parents believe so, but is there evidence for it?