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Genetic Variant Tied to Dangerous Arrhythmia
Certain types of heart arrhythmias may be dangerous and are associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac death. Now researchers have found a genetic variant that appears to be associated with an increased risk of both.
Quicker Treatment = Added Longevity
A study has confirmed that faster treatment for severe heart attack patients results in better clinical outcomes.
Stem Cells Have Potential to Repair Hearts
Scientists have successfully taken skin cells from heart failure patients and converted them into heart muscle cells in a lab, a significant finding since cardiac cells cannot be regenerated.
Mystery Behind Heart Failure After Chemo Solved
Scientists were working to find a drug target for heart muscle disease. Instead they incidentally discovered a key to preventing heart failure years after chemotherapy.
Nordic Walking Rehabs Heart
Heart failure patients bored of the typical cardiac rehabilitation exercise machines can get the same or better benefit with a new activity.
Heart Rx Effective for Everyone
Traditional heart failure treatment has been found to protect both African-American and white patients equally in preventing future hospitalizations or death.
Heart Failure Impacts Quality of Life for Men
Women are commonly affected by depression more often, and more severely when it hits. However, it appears to be men who suffer a greater emotional toil when it comes to a diagnosis of heart failure.
Heart Failure Clinics Increase Hospitalizations
Frequenting specialized heart failure clinics has proved a growing method for receiving care related to heart failure. However, a study has revealed that the outcomes have been mixed.
Exercise Counteracts Muscle Wasting
With age and conditions such as heart failure, it's not uncommon for individuals to experience muscle wasting. Physical activity appears to be key to reversing that trend while also reducing inflammation. Researchers found that regardless of age, patients who exercised more experienced less muscle wasting as their bodies became conditioned to handle more physical activity. Exercise regularly to slow muscle wasting. Stephan Gielen , MD, lead co-author and deputy director of cardiology at the University Hospital at Martin-Luther-University of Halle in Germany, said that many docto...
Hearts Love Aspirin and Warfarin
Heart failure patients often take medication to lower their risk of stroke, hemorrhage or dying. A common choice is warfarin (Coumadin), though a large clinical trial has found that cheaper over-the-counter aspirin may be just as effective.