Health News

ICDs: Real World Life Savers
Implanted heart devices have generally fared well in studies. But does that mean it will give everyday Joes a heart boost and added longevity? The latest findings suggest they do.
Can We Protect the Heart from Chemo?
Adriamycin ( doxorubicin ) can be a good chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. But, for some women, it can lead to heart damage. A recent study found a way to predict who is at risk.
External Options for Heart Failure
Heart failure patients have a new option to prevent sudden cardiac death. They can wear an external monitor that will make sure their heart beats right.
Shorter Stays are Good News
Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital stays. It racks up 6.5 million hospital days a year. This creates a huge financial burden for everyone. Helping patients get ongoing medical care can shorten hospital stays.
New Heart Therapy Ain't All That
New drugs are always tested for safety and effectiveness in trials before the FDA approves them. But this doesn't mean they are effective for everyone for a particular condition.
Heart Failure Drugs Lower Death Rate
Not all heart failure patients are created equal. Some have more severe symptoms, and some are more stable. So researchers need to learn whether medications work in each subgroup of patients.
Depression Treatment Gives Heart Failure Patients a Boost
Depression can affect the health of heart failure patients, even impacting the quality of their lives. New research suggests managing depression may give patients a health boost and even improve their social lives.
Failing Hearts Lead to Ailing Kidneys
Heart failure does not mean your heart is totally broken. Rather, it means your heart is weaker and cannot pump blood as easily. With a weaker heart, other organs in your body - including your kidneys - may be affected.
Java Friendly For The Heart
Your daily cup of java may do more than kick-start your morning. New research suggests moderate coffee consumption may also offer slightly increased protection from heart failure.
FDA Warns Parkinson's Drug May Increase Heart Risk
U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials have warned that a drug primarily used to treat symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease may increase the risk of heart failure.