Health News

A Couple Beers May Help Your Sudoku
It's no secret that alcohol can impair a person's judgment. But could it simultaneously enhance creativity enough to solve problems? Perhaps Ernest Hemingway was on to something.
Binge Drinking is Expensive
Drinking to the point of blackout and having to make a trip to the E.R. is dangerous and expensive, but college students do it all the time. Alcohol poisoning is starting to rack up some serious health care costs in the U.S.
Do People With Body Art Drink More?
People with body art are likely to be drinkers, but are the tattoos and piercings indicators that a person might enjoy partying or is it being young and social at bars that spikes the statistics?
What’s Your Name Again?
Alcoholism impairs the ability to form new associative memories. Learning people’s names upon introduction is vital to social and professional interactions.
Peers Can Influence Teens Not to Drink
What if all of the popular kids in high school were against underage drinking? A new study suggests their social status holds a lot of weight when it comes to making decisions about alcohol.
Drinking ads Hooking Youth
Too much alcohol marketing is spilling over into the underage bracket. A free, easy to use online tool, shows just how much alcohol advertising is landing on the under 21 population.
Does Marijuana Affect Driving Abilities?
Research may support the theory that stoned drivers are neither reckless risk-takers nor speedy bandits, but who is giving out this information and why? The road is no place to take any chances with any substance.
Alcohol Hinders Healing After Surgery
Alcohol abuse can negatively affect the stomach lining, which is an immune protector and defender in the body. Take care of your stomach lining and your stomach lining will take care of your body.
Accountability Strategy for Alcohol
A blanket statement that someone drinks too much may be too broad to make an impact. Approaching a heavy drinker with facts about the effects of too much alcohol and better ways to manage consumption can empower change.
Teacher Can You Hear Me?
When young children use alcohol and illicit drugs, the effects on their mental health can be lasting and dramatic. Parenting is key to avoiding alcohol and drug use, but teachers can have an effect as well.