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Movies & Marketing Lead Teens to Drinking
Those who don’t believe their child is influenced by what they’re seeing on the Internet and television may want to rethink their stance. 
A Week for the Kids
Music icon Belinda Carlisle and reality television star Calum Best are two of many showing support for the sons and daughters of those suffering from alcohol use disorder this week.
Divorcing a Problem
Divorce typically increases the odds either party will develop a drinking problem; however if there are already alcohol issues within the home it may do the exact opposite, research finds.
Headed to College? Grab a Drink!
The U.S. government uncovered that young adults in college struggle with drinking problems more than people of the same age not attending school.
Borna Doesn't Cause Mental Illness
Recent studies confirm that borna disease virus, ( BDV ), an infectious neurological disorder, does not cause mental illness.
Drinking in College: Some Demographics
Students who host parties at their off-campus houses tend to drink more than other undergraduates, research suggests.
Binge Drinking Linked to Explicit Thoughts
Widely accepted patterns of alcohol consumption suggest that both explicit and implicit behaviors influence the way people drink. A recent research study debunked that frame of thought.
Gimme Shelter First
The homeless often cope with daily life by drinking heavily. A recent study shows that allowing those in public housing to consume alcohol actually decreases drinking behaviors.
Alcohol Increases Lifespan in Worms
The lifespan of certain worms can effectively be doubled by giving it a very small dose of alcohol. While the reason is unknown the study begs the question: what does this mean for humans?
The Genetic Impact of Alcoholism
Children of alcoholics may need to watch their own drinking, a new study suggests.