Health News

The Glass Is Half Full… Or Is It?
Do you chug or do you sip? Regardless of your drinking style, you may be drinking faster than you realize. It all depends on the glass holding the alcohol.
From Cocktails to Cancer and Back
The human body is a wonderland of complex chemical reactions that both cause and ward off disease. Alcohol can throw the body out of sorts if the system doesn’t work just right.
Mental Health, Drinking & Smoking
Do people with mental health disorders take more risks than everyone else? Would early diagnosis and treatment prevent risk taking behavior and bad outcomes?
Impulsive People & Drunk Driving
What happens to impulsive people when they drink? What about when it comes to drinking and driving?
Binge Drinking & Unemployment
Which comes first: binge drinking or unemployment? Is binge drinking behavior different for women than it is for men? Read on for answers.
Why is the Drinking Age 21?
At what age a person first tastes alcohol may not be as telling as the first time a person gets drunk. Researchers found that the longer a young person delayed his or her first intoxication—the better their health fared.
Drug-Alcohol Combo is Dangerous
Substance abuse is risky no matter what. But, when combining drugs with alcohol, the risks for negative health outcomes increases considerably.
Checked Your Teens' Texts Lately?
Who would have thought a text message could put a teen on a sex offender list? Yet this is one of the more extreme possible consequences of the increasing trend of " sexting ."
Heavy Drinking Bad For Teens
The human brain is still developing in the teen years. Heavy drinking can disrupt proper brain pathway development and impair function.
Brain Shrinkage from Alcoholism
Alcoholics can have trouble making mental connections due to reductions in white matter in the brain. Each year an alcoholic went without a drink, one percent of white matter grew back.