Health News

Keeping a Cork in it During the Holidays
Holidays are rife with temptations, especially in the form of alcohol. It can be tempting for alcoholics to break a sobriety streak when everyone else is celebrating.
Whiskey & Diet Coke; No Make That Soda Water
Diet soda can help cut the calories in cocktails, but can also put a person over the legal alcohol limit without them ever knowing it. Yes, regular and diet soda do affect the body differently.
A Sip? Drunk Minor? Not Ok
The debate about whether behavioral problems can be caused when minors have the occasional sip of alcohol continues. The tipping point may be the first time teens get drunk, and not when they have their first drink.
Does AA Help Men & Women Differently?
Originally designed for men, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) now welcomes women. But does successful abstinence from drinking through AA differ for men and women?
A Black Eye in Teen Romance
Patterns of violence in romantic relationships often start young. And the effects of dating violence in the teen years carry over into the adult years.
Hit the Books, Not the Bottle
College can be both an exciting and a rough transition from high school. Those who struggle with mental health issues may find it harder to stay in school.
Smoking Worsens Hangovers
Most ex-smokers can recall with frustration their smelly clothes and hair, as well as worse lung function. But did smoking cigarettes make hangovers worse as well?.
How Many Minors Really Drink?
At least one in four teens in the US has consumed alcohol in the past month and at least one in 12 has purchased it. It’s time to think about health and safety, and lower those numbers.
Mental Health and Academic Performance Examined
It's well established that poor mental health can contribute to poor academic performance. The question is finding out which specific conditions can hurt teens' school success.
When NOT To Take Another One
Some people who abuse alcohol may avoid treatment because they fear they’ll never be able to drink again, even occasionally. Not all counselors agree that every case requires total abstinence.