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New Guidelines for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) may involve chronic inflammation of one or more of the patient’s joints.  Most patient see inflammation before the age of 16.  Recent treatment advances have improved lifestyle and long-term results for these patients.
Accepting Your Step-Parent
Bonding step-family with existing biological family can be a difficult process. In order to make this easier, step-parents should heed experts advice: Children assess their step-parents based on how they are treated and how step-parent react to biological parents.
Colic Babies Cramp Family Lifestyle
Colicky babies are difficult and frustrating, especially for first time parents. The despair parents feel while seeking ways to help their baby is very real. So what can parents do to help their sobbing baby?
Drinking while Pregnant Makes Bad Kids
Despite warnings from experts, many women drink at some point during their pregnancy. Now, a new study shows that mothers who drink while pregnant put their children at a greater risk of developing a serious behavioral disorder.
Mental Health Disorders Under 5 Years Old
We usually think mental health disorders are adult problems, but children under 5 years old may also suffer emotional issues. Children often do not receive treated because of the assumption their minds are not complex enough to develop mental problems, or they will grow out of a 'phase'.
The 'Baby Blues'
For many women, pregnancy is an exciting time. However, some pregnant women experience deep depression and anxiety, which puts the health of their baby at risk.
Diagnosing Childhood Arthritis
Lab tests alone cannot diagnose arthritis in children, additional information about the child is needed to effectively identify the disease.
Mommy, Let's have Lunch!
The healthy development of your baby starts in the womb, a fact that has been reinforced by a new study, which found a new factor that contributes to a person's risk of becoming obese.
Can't Eat, Can't Sleep
It's hard enough to get a baby to sleep. Now, researchers say that babies and toddlers who have trouble sleeping may also have eating problems.
Don't Fear the Fever
Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that a fever causes an illness to worsen among children. In a new article, researchers explain how parents should react if their child comes down with a fever.