Health News

Causes of Postpartum Depression
Postpartum depression is a serious illness that is distressing for many new mothers. The causes were previously unclear, but a new study has unmasked some contributing factors to depression.
Labor Induction Green-light
Those last two weeks of pregnancy are quite miserable for most women. Bloatedness can flat kill your appetite for life. How about when your obstetrician decides to induces labor?
Smoking While Pregnant Lowers Good Cholesterol in Kids
It's no secret that smoking during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight or even miscarriage. But new research suggests smoking while pregnant can also affect children later in life.
Get Skinny To Get Pregnant
Weight loss has been shown to improve various medical conditions. Infertility can now join the growing number of conditions that can be treated by weight loss.
Menopausal Women Need to Step Up
Abundance indicates happiness, wealth and the land of plenty. Abundance in the mid-section for menopausal women is none of those things.  It's a drag. But it is an avoidable drag, though.
Mummies Need Their Sleep
Any woman who has been pregnant knows how exhausting it is, and she may find it hard to get adequate sleep. A recent data review by Northwestern University in Chicago indicates that sleep apnea in pregnant women may indicate gestational diabetes and pre-term birth.
Predicting In-Vitro Success
In-Vitro fertilization is costly to both the pocketbook and emotions of  young couples engaging in this hopeful procedure. A study by Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital shows a blood test may help predict the number of eggs that will be harvested.
Flaxseed Doesn't Help Flashing
Hot off the presses: Flaxseed does not help hot flashes. There are many recognized holistic treatments to relieve hot flash symptoms but flaxseed apparently is not one of them.
Epilepsy Drugs May Lead To Birth Defects
Women with epilepsy comprise one half of a percent of all pregnancies in America. It is necessary for these women to remain on their anti-convulsant drugs during pregnancy as uncontrolled seizures are risky for both the mother and her unborn child.
Wrinkles Are Menopausal Fortune Telling
A new Yale University study finds that women who have seriously deep and plentiful wrinkles during the first few years of menopause probably have lower bone density as well.