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Two Types of MS Defined
Multiple sclerosis (MS) and treatment for the disease vary among the approximate 400,000 MS patients in the United States. A better classification system of the disease could enable doctors to better match patients to medication.
Memory Herb Does Not Work for MS
Difficulty with memory and mental functioning are a known side effect of multiple sclerosis (MS). Ginkgo biloba is thought by many to be a mental booster- but does it actually work? Can it help people with MS?
Risk of Seizure with Ampyra
The FDA gave new warnings for Ampyra . Some people taking this drug for Multiple Sclerosis may be at risk of having seizures in the first few days or weeks of taking the drug.
Understanding MS Through Imaging Tools
Could multiple sclerosis (MS) be related to the quality of a patient’s blood flow? Doctors and scientists are using imaging tools to answer these types of questions and understand the origins of the disease.
Reducing Tremors in MS
Tremors are one of the most difficult multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms to treat. Several medications exist to treat tremors, but not much is known about their ability to consistently reduce symptoms. This can be confusing for MS patients who experience tremors.
Mobility With MS
Are you having problems getting around due to your multiple sclerosis (MS)? Many people living with MS report mobility as a common problem. Increasing mobility in people living with MS first requires pinpointing the reasons behind it.
Incontinence in MS Women Increasing
Many women do not seek medical care for urinary incontinence as they may not feel like it is a priority medical issue or they may feel too embarrassed to address it. Addressing the problem can help patients improve their quality of life, especially for those who are living with other medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).
Cautious Optimism for New Brain Drugs
When scientists discover a new type of drug that "promises" to become a "wonder" drug for all sorts of maladies, caution is a better route than joy and hope.
Genzyme Applies for Approval of Lemtrada
Genzyme , a Sanofi company announced that the company has submitted a supplemental Biologics License Application ( sBLA ) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a marketing authorization application ( MAA ) to the European Medicines Agency ( EMA ) seeking approval of LEMTRADA ( alemtuzumab ) for treatment of relapsing multiple sclerosis ( RMS ).
Looking at a Common MS Treatment
Providing patients with realistic expectations of their treatment is important. How do both patients and doctors understand  the effectiveness of the most widely prescribed multiple sclerosis medication, interferon beta?