Health News

Watching What You Mix with Your Rx
It may seem harmless to pop a multivitamin each day, but many dietary supplements still contain active ingredients that affect the body. They might also interact with prescription medications.
Costly Complications after Kidney Stone Removal
Procedures for kidney stone removal are generally low-risk. However, the procedure itself may not be a patient's biggest concern.
More Muscle Mass May Boost Function for Dialysis Patients
About 1.5 million people around the world are currently on hemodialysis — an artificial blood filtering treatment for kidney failure. This treatment is known to impact patients' physical function, but they may have more control than they realize.
Curbing Serious Diabetes-Related Sickness
From stroke to lost limbs, diabetes can create a series of other sicknesses. The medical community has been focused on curbing rates of serious health problems that are linked to diabetes.
Walking Benefited Immune System of Kidney Patients
Walking is a safe and healthy exercise for most people. Patients with chronic kidney disease get some important health benefits from walking.
Depression and Diabetes Don't Play Nice with Kidneys
Depression is common among diabetes patients and has been linked to negative health outcomes such as heart disease and death. And there may be more.
Kids' Kidney Transplants Keep Getting Better
Receiving a new organ is a complex and sometimes unsettling process for children and their families. But when it comes to kidney transplants, the news just keeps getting better.
Warfarin Benefited AFib Patients With Kidney Disease
For those with atrial fibrillation, warfarin helps reduce stroke and heart attack risk. While some have questioned the safety of its use with kidney patients, the medication appears to improve outcomes.
Reasons Why Your Belly Hurts
Stomach issues are often related to the kinds of foods and drinks we consume, but some health conditions can cause stomach problems too. Here’s a list you should keep in mind.
Lone Kidney Has Low Failure Risk
Donating a kidney can be a very generous gift, but not one without risks. However, a new study suggests that the risk of kidney failure in the remaining kidney may not be as great as was once thought.