Health News

Pollution May Contribute to Kidney Disease
Factors like aging, diabetes and high blood pressure may raise patients' risk of chronic kidney disease. Now, new research suggests that air pollution may also raise that risk.
Low-Sodium Food Additives May Be Unsafe for Kidney Patients
Eating less salt can have health benefits like lowering high blood pressure. But some low-salt foods may have additives that make them unsafe for people with chronic kidney disease.
Home Dialysis Was More Effective Than In-Center Treatments
Patients with failing kidneys often choose to undergo dialysis treatments. New research suggests that the type of dialysis they choose may affect their chance of survival.
Smartphones May Help Teens Take Their Meds
For busy teens who have a chronic disease and require regular medication, remembering to take that medication can be a challenge. But smartphones may help teens keep track of their medication schedule.
Exercise May Benefit Kidney Disease Patients
Staying active can be hard, especially when chronic disease gets in the way. But two new studies suggest that chronic kidney disease patients should make time for exercise.
Weight Loss Surgery May Improve Kidney Health
Obese patients sometimes choose weight loss surgery to improve their heart health and drop pounds more quickly. And new research suggests the surgery may improve kidney function.
Sleep Apnea May Speed Kidney Decline
Diabetes is a major risk factor for kidney disease. It can damage tiny blood vessels in the kidneys that filter waste from the blood. Add sleep apnea to the mix, and kidneys may decline even faster, new research suggests.
Periodontal Disease May Raise Risk of Kidney Disease
Healthy gums make for a winning smile, but poor gum health may lead to other health problems. A new study suggests that periodontal disease in blacks might increase their risk for chronic kidney disease.
Kidney Patients Who Need Statins Might Not Take Them
Two major health groups recommend statins for many patients with chronic kidney disease. But a new study found that many patients who should take statins didn't take them — even after a doctor recommended that they do so.
New Guidelines: Drink up to Prevent Another Kidney Stone
Kidney stones can cause intense pain and even kidney disease. New guidelines recommend a simple step that might keep kidney stones from coming back.