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Got Type Two? Hypertension Drugs Can Wait
People with type 2 diabetes have to keep a close eye on their blood pressure. But that does not mean they have to start taking blood pressure drugs the minute they are diagnosed.
How Reliable a Link?
Though men who have vascular erectile dysfunction appear to be at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, that doesn't mean ED alone should be considered a risk factor.
Pre-term Babies at Risk of Hypertension
In addition to immediate health risks and developmental delays, preemies or babies with very low birth weights appear to be at an increased risk of developing hypertension later in life.
Nurses Too Cut Heart Risk Factors
An effective option for aiding high-risk patients suffering from cardiovascular disease may be an individualized treatment plan from a nurse-led team focused on reducing heart disease risk factors.
Changing the Course of Heart Disease
Awareness has increased for coronary heart disease. Individuals more easily recognize the symptoms and know the importance of managing factors such as high cholesterol and hypertension.
FDA Approves Combo Hypertension Treatment
U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials have approved new combination hypertension drug Edarbyclor , which combines azilsartan medoxomil and chlorthalidone .
Mommy Can I Have More Salt
Do you find that you're naturally inclined to dump salt on your food before even tasting it? Or perhaps you find that you rarely reach for the salt shaker? It may be a natural predisposition developed from exposure to sodium.
A Salty Issue
Excess sodium contributes to high blood pressure, and the individuals who may be best aware of that are policy makers focusing on salt consumption. Ironically, a recent review shows even that group consumes too much salt.
Live Longer With Hypertension Treatment
Drugs for hypertension may help you do more than reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. They may also help patients life longer.
Hypertension Now, Heart Risk Later
Blood pressure changes during middle age may be more significant than they appear. An increase or decrease in blood pressure during that period can increase lifetime risk of heart disease and stroke.