Health News

Way Too Much Sodium Consumed
About 90 percent of U.S. adults are incorporating too much sodium into their diets. However it doesn't appear the dinner-side salt shaker is at fault.
ED Drug Shrinks Abnormal Growths in Kids
Viagra is known to boost men’s sexual vigor, but it can also treat a totally different type of condition in children: One small study says that the drug can diminish the size of a birth defect in kids.
Arming Yourself Against Heart Risk
Blood pressure checks are a common part of most doctor visits. However, if physicians are not checking blood pressure in both arms, they could fail to identify a greater risk of dying from heart disease.
Surgery Brings Blood Pressure Benefits For Obese Teens
Weight loss surgery is a last resort for morbidly obese teenagers. For those that do receive the operation, researchers are finding it is offering them benefits in addition to shedding extra pounds.
ER 1/25 4 PM CST Longterm Heart Risk Predictions May be Deceptive
The common practice of predicting the risk of heart attack and stroke a decade into the future might be giving some patients a false sense of security.
Sweets Could Heighten Teen Heart Risk
Parents have long warned teens to skip sugary sweets such as soda and candy to prevent them from loading up on empty calories. New research has revealed that excess sugar consumption could affect their future health.
Positive Affirmation Improves Hypertension
In most cases blood pressure can easily be controlled by drugs. The key is ensuring patients stick to their drug regimen. That may be as simple as positive affirmation and small, unexpected gifts.
Lower Blood Pressure With Black Tea?
For most with hypertension, blood pressure cutting methods such as reducing salt, avoiding alcohol and exercising are less than thrilling ways to start the day. 
A Hearty Dose of Insulin Therapy
People with diabetes are often treated with insulin. Now, it seems that insulin also can repair some of the damage done by heart disease, a condition that diabetes patients are especially prone to.
Pre-Hypertension Still Raises Heart Risk in Men
Pre-hypertensive middle-aged men may have more to worry about than developing full-blown high blood pressure. They also are at an increased risk for a heart arrhythmia.