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Watch Out for Gout
Sometimes treating one problem can put you at a higher risk for a different health condition. For example, some blood pressure medications can increase the risk of gout.
Whats Behind Teen Hypertension
Doctors may have found a new marker capable of suggesting a teen suffers from high blood pressure. Abnormal levels of uric acid, a build-up associated with gout attacks, may act as a mechanism for hypertension. Though a cause and effect link between uric acid and hypertension was not found, researchers said the findings suggest uric acid may act as a biomarker of high blood pressure. Avoid smoking to maintain healthy blood pressure. Lauren Loeffler , MD, MHS , lead investigator and a nephrologist at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center, noted that high blood pressure is no longer...
Drugs that Make Gout Risk Go Up and Down
In order to get your blood pressure under control, your doctor may give you some type of prescription drug. Your risk of developing gout may influence which drug you are prescribed.
Gout Gets the Royal Treatment
Gout, formerly linked with Europe's royal families, has made its way to middle America. Since 1990, U.S. cases have increased by 50 percent, making it a modern-day royal pain in the joints.
Belly Fat Predicts Heart Disease
Not all fat is created equal, especially when it comes to men with excessive weight around the middle. Some with added belly fat may be at an increased risk of developing heart disease and other serious health problems.
Lowdown: Uric acid and High Blood Pressure
Doctors have known for a while that people with high levels of uric acid can also have high blood pressure.