Health News

Bariatric Surgery Risk Calculator
Obesity is a national health problem that causes significant illness and disability. A new method for determining the risk for complications from bariatric surgery may steer more physicians and patients towards considering it as an option. 
Mini-Strokes Under 60 Lead to Heart Attacks
After suffering a mini-stroke, most people face future heart problems. New research shows that after a mini-stroke, there is an increased risk of heart attack.
Getting the Heart Back to Work
After a heart attack, parts of the heart muscle can become damaged, making it harder to pump the usual amount of blood. Now, researchers may have found a way to get these damaged parts back to work.
Bad Timing: Diabetes and Your Heart
The length of time a man has diabetes may determine the risks to his heart health.
Too Much Blood Sugar Control
Trying to maintain normal blood sugar levels can be harmful to type 2 diabetic patients who also have heart disease.
Abacavir Update: Yes It's Still Safe, For Now
The FDA updated the public about an ongoing safety review of abacavir and a possible increased risk of heart attack. Since the announcement there has been conflicting information on the potential increased risk of heart attack.
Low Priority for Feeling Low
Heart attack patients are less likely to receive priority care in emergency departments if they have a history of depression, according to a study by researchers at the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences.
Their Hearts Will Go On
Mammalian newborn hearts can heal themselves completely, according to new research from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
Fast-Food Nation
Fast food -- which is tremendously high in fat and salt content -- remains a favorite food for a number of patients who have had a heart attack.
A New Way to Track an Age-Old Killer
Scientists at the University of Leicester at Singapore have developed a blood pressure-reading device that is set to revolutionize diagnostic technology.