Health News

Movie Star Doctor Promotes CPR
Star power has long been used to hock an untold number of products. Now the American Heart Association hopes to take advantage with the appearance of a well-known actor in promoting its Hands-Only CPR campaign.
Breast Cancer Patients Dying Most from Cardiac Problems
Advances in early detection of breast cancer and new treatments mean that more women are now beating the disease. In fact, their chances of survival have increased dramatically.
New Measures to Aid Heart Disease, Hypertension
Often, physicians might only see cardiac patients when they are concerned about something, or are in pain. New measures aimed at controlling blood pressure and preventing heart disease before it begins might help keep them in the doctor's office a bit longer.
Smoking Drug Chantix Risky for Heart Patients
U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials recently warned smokers with a history of heart disease that taking smoking cessation drug varenicline (Chantix) could could put them at added risk for a heart attack or peripheral vascular disease.
New Data Discovered in Blood Clot Formation
Scripps Research Institute scientists have discovered new elements of the blood clot formation process, a finding that could lead to new methods for preventing heart attacks and strokes.
Calls for Vulnerable Plaque Research
Hoping to spark action, the European Society of Cardiology Working Group of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Biology has published a position paper to bring fatty plaques into the forefront, as well as the need for more therapies to reduce that accumulation.
Ambulance Diversion Linked To Heart Attack Risk
Ambulances are at times diverted to another emergency department when the closest hospitals are at capacity.  But those diversions may be adding an increased risk of death for heart attack patients.
Heart Attacks Declining in UK
Much like the rest of the world, the United Kingdom has long grappled with trying to convince citizens to maintain healthier lifestyles in an effort to curb the risk of heart attacks.
Magnets as a Heart Attack Prevention Tool
Magnets have an untold number of uses -- both in science and everyday living. New research shows another of those uses may be heart attack prevention.
Hispanic Women Have Greater Heart Risk
With an increase in gestational diabetes in recent years, researchers had grown concerned that could spell lingering heart disease concerns for many new mothers. A recent study shows that is not the case except for certain high-risk populations.