Health News

Rx Reduces Patients' Hunger
An advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration has voted 18 to 4, with one person not voting, in favor of accepting a new weight loss drug called Lorqess .
Bigger Waistline Know Taglines
Think outside the bun for some finger lickin ' good food. Head for the border and have it your way. And if you recognized all those taglines , you might be more likely to be obese. Although past research has shown a link between TV watching and obesity, less evidence exists regarding possible links between obesity and fast food advertising. But an unpublished study recently presented at a conference offers just that. Limit your child's access to fast food. Auden McClure, MD, an assistant professor of the Department of Pediatrics at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, led the ...
Community Action to Prevent Eating Disorders
Community support and group action to lower obesity and increase positive body image for anorexia and bulimia can be the most effective tool towards preventing and reversing eating disorders.
How Gray Matter Affects Fatty Matter
Brains work in mysterious ways, influencing diet more than people might realize. It might scientifically be a lot tougher for one person to turn down a brownie sundae than another.
Happy Meals can Make you sad
Job loss. Death in the family. Medical condition. Doctors have known forever that these conditions often correlate to depression, but now the experts have found another link: fast food.
Measure my Waist, Please
Teens' waist measurements can tell doctors more than what size jeans they wear. Waist circumference is also a pretty helpful indicator of a teen's blood pressure and lipid levels.
Energy Density’s Link to Weight Loss
The best way to lose weight appears to continue being the old-fashioned, tried-and-true method: reducing the density of calories that you eat.
PANS: New Psychiatric Condition in Kids
In some cases, symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can occur suddenly and without explanation. There needs to be a criteria for a new form of OCD, say researchers at the National Institutes of Health.
Snacking on Raisins May Nip Hypertension
Grappling with blood pressure that is slightly elevated? Eating raisins regularly may offer a significant blood pressure benefit, says the first controlled research to study the dried grapes.
Raising Salt Awareness
At least 90 percent of Americans consume more than the daily recommended salt intake, a leading contributor to high blood pressure. Most aren't even checking the sodium content of their favorite foods.