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Understanding Diabulimia
Diabulimia. You might have heard this new buzzword, but did you know it refers to a serious health problem?
Estrogen Eased Anxiety in Anorexia
People with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa may also experience symptoms of anxiety. Hormone replacement therapy may, in some ways, ease certain anxieties in anorexia patients.
Specified Treatments for Anorexia
There are no easy fixes for eating disorders. But a new study may shed light on what types of therapy can be most effective at helping patients with anorexia.
Anorexia Loses When Period Returns
Dangerous weight loss as a result of an eating disorder can get in the way of a normal menstrual cycle. But when treatment works, girls gain weight and get their cycle back.
Feeding Your Feelings the Wrong Way
Self-image affects a long line of behaviors for women when it comes to eating and diet. And unhealthy eating habits can be difficult to break.
Women Who “Fat Talk” and “Old Talk”
People might say out of frustration “I feel fat” or “I feel old.” But for women with eating disorders these types of comments may signal a fixation on young, thin, ideal body images.
Unnecessary Rx for Anorexia
There are no medications approved to treat anorexia nervosa, but often patients are given psychotropic meds anyway. These meds have multiple side-effects and no clear benefit.
Bulimia From Stress
Girls can tear up their bodies in reaction to stress, especially if they have impulsive personality traits. Teaching positive coping methods may help these girls avoid eating disorders.
Working Up an Appetite? Not!
Working out and exercise is supposed to help build an appetite, right? That may not be the actual case.
Eating Disorders Not Limited to Youth
When people think of eating disorders, they often think of young girls starving themselves to look like the women in fashion magazines. But older women suffer from these conditions as well.