Health News

Skinny Genes
The media has been taking all the blame for the existence of anorexia, but genetics may play a role as well. This discovery could influence anorexia treatment plans in the future.
Sleep and Overeating While Pregnant
Pregnancy is notorious for causing women difficulty with sleeping — though not as notorious as the months after the baby arrives. Having an eating disorder can worsen the problem.
I Just Called to Say I'm Okay
If making an appointment to see the psychiatrist or therapist for your regular therapy is a hassle, here's some good news. A phone therapy session may be just as helpful.
Comparing Therapies for Binge Eating
We all over-eat from time to time, but people with Binge-eating disorder (BED) do it so often that it can get in the way of daily life. A new study compared therapy and medication for BED.
Working Up an Appetite? Not!
Working out and exercise is supposed to help build an appetite, right? That may not be the actual case.
Cause for Frailty in Elderly
Getting proper nutrition is important for older people to maintain strength and muscle mass. Frailty can come from not getting enough to eat.
Are You Fat?
The image of "obesity" often conjures up people who can barely fit through a doorway or who always require two airline seats.
Pro-Anorexic Bloggers
Blogs about anorexia can be dangerous. And just wrong. But some open communication and support systems of anorexia blogs could help treat this disorder.
Anorexics See Others As Normal
Can anorexics see body size accurately? In a test, anorexics saw other people as their actual size, but saw themselves as larger than they actually were.
Yo-Yo Dieters
Many women lose or gain 10-20 lbs. several times in their life. The good news is that yo-yo dieting does not prevent women from being successful with diets later in life.