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FDA Warning About Fentanyl Patches
FDA reminds patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals of the importance of appropriate storage, use, application, and disposal of fentanyl patches (including Duragesic and generic products) to prevent potential life-threatening harm from accidental exposure to the active ingredient, fentanyl .
Unlocking the Genetic Code of Pain
Imagine two people who have the exact same injury. One develops chronic, lifelong pain, while the other does not. This is scenario is frequently true – but why?
Lasting Effects of Post Surgery Pain Care
Pain medications, like opioid painkillers and NSAIDs , are often prescribed after minor surgery. The short-term benefits of good pain management are well-known. Short-term use may, however, be linked to long-term use.
Pain is More Painful in Poor Places
When it comes to chronic pain, it's not just where you hurt that determines how bad your pain is. It's where you live, how old you are, and your race.
Getting Football Players Back on the Field
You've seen it happen many times, from the safety of your couch. You're watching football, and a tough tackle lands a player flat on his back. But the next game, he's back in action.
Targeted Therapy Has New Target - Pain
As one of the first targeted therapies, Gleevec ( imatinib ) totally changed the care and outlook for people diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia ( CML ). With a bit of tweaking, this drug may be used to treat another chronic condition - pain.
No Doubt About Arthritis Drug's Benefit
A few years ago, the FDA warned that certain drugs may raise the risk of cancer in children with juvenile arthritis. While it still seems these children are more prone to cancer, the drugs might not be to blame.
Place Tied to Arthritis Pain
Millions of people across the United States suffer from some form of arthritis. To reduce these numbers, researchers first have to know what populations are most affected.
Banish the Pain of RA
So, your doctor says you have rheumatoid arthritis. You feel stiff and in pain, and even moving around the house is hard. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with arthritis pain, but which one is best for you?
FDA Warning for Painkiller Mix-Up
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning doctors and patients that a manufacturing mistake might have caused tablets from different opioid products to co-mingle in the same bottle.