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Why Does Acupuncture Work?
Acupuncture may help an estimated three million Americans improve their health conditions each year. However, many people question its merits since the science behind it is not fully understood.
Treating Pain in the NFL
With football season in full swing, there bound to be aches and pains amongst the athletes. The use of a group of drugs similar to ibuprofen to manage and prevent pain is common in the National Football League (NFL). About 20 percent of athletes using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs ) report side effects, indicating a need for further investigation of its use. The NFL Team Physicians Society developed a task force to determine how to best use Ketorolac tromethamine , a NSAID commonly marketed under the trademark Toradol and used to treat players. The task force c...
Best Recovery for Back Surgery Still Undefined
Lumbar spinal fusion surgery is on the rise, mostly due to advances in technology. With this increase, a need to understand the best recovery process is becoming more and more important.
New Drug for Diabetic Pain
People with diabetes are at risk for many other health problems, including a condition that causes pain or numbness in the feet, legs, hands and arms. Now, there's a new painkiller for patients with this condition.
Do MRIs Help or Hinder?
The use of complex diagnostic tools is on the rise among injured workers. Imaging can be great for understanding the internal structures of the body. However, when it comes to low back pain, imaging may be a costly and time consuming distraction.
Health Care Costs Cut With Yoga
Many traditional treatments for chronic pain fail to bring significant relief, leaving patients encouraged to seek out alternative therapies like yoga. Studies show that yoga is affective for alleviating low back pain, but is it cost effective as well?
Pain Depends on the Brain
How can two people have the same injury and yet one fully recover and the other develop chronic pain? Chronic pain affects 116 million Americans each year yet the answers to these questions are not completely understood.
Depression and Substance Abuse
Depression in patients with access to an opioid prescription can lead to misuse through self-medication. Doctors should screen chronic opioid therapy patients for depression.
Blood Test to Help Pain Relief
Tramadol, marketed as Ultram in the US, is an opioid pain medication that works like morphine. In about five to 10 percent of people, tramadol does not work well.
We Can Rebuild You...We Have The Technology...
Disc replacement surgery can provide relief to those suffering from chronic back pain by restoring motion to the spine. Unfortunately, current designs are limited in their capabilities.