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ADHD Meds Not Related to Addictions
There may be good news for the worried parents of kids with ADHD. Stimulant medication treatments may have little to no bearing on later alcohol or substance abuse.
How Is ADHD Linked to Breastfeeding?
It's helpful to learn as much as possible about conditions like ADHD. However, sometimes learning more information requires being careful about what the information actually means.
Kids Near the Fastlane May Act Fast
Pollution can be a double negative. It's not so good for the lungs and, at the same time, it can make concentrating difficult for kids.
Parents Don’t Overestimate ADHD
There has been some debate about whether parents tend to think their kids have ADHD when that's not actually the case. To settle the matter, the CDC double-checked their stats to see if parental bias played a role in reported rates of ADHD.
Hyperactive Now, Obese Later?
It is challenging enough to manage a mental or developmental disorder such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But there may be long-term consequences to manage as well.
Adderall Trending on Twitter
College kids have been abusing Adderall to help them study for a while now. But thousands of tweets about Adderall suggest that Adderall abuse has become too much of the norm.
Over-prescribed ADHD
Clinical guidelines recommend treating preschool aged kids that have ADHD with behavioral therapy before trying medication. But few doctors may be following these guidelines.
It’s ADHD Any Way You Slice It
Kids that have both ADHD and a lower IQ may not differ so much from kids with ADHD and a normal IQ. It appears that ADHD may affect kids with different IQ scores very similarly.
Hyperactive Kid? Help the Parents
If a child shows signs of a problem like ADHD, addressing it early is the best course of action. But what's the most effective way to address this behavior issue in preschoolers?
Give Kids a Brain Boost with Exercise
Ever heard someone tell you that a particularly rambunctious child simply needs more exercise? Well, there may be something to that after all – for people of all ages.