Health News

Schools May Be Unprepared for Chronic Health Emergencies
Some school districts may be unprepared for emergencies related to chronic conditions like asthma and allergies, a new study found. The authors of the study called for more health management plans in schools.
Urban Youth May Have Heightened Food Allergy Risk
When a child has an allergic reaction to a food, the experience can be scary for both the parent and child. But food allergies may be a more pointed concern for families living in dense, urban environments like big cities.
Undeclared Eggs Lead to Allergy Alert on Snack
Seoul Shik Poom Inc. of Englewood, NJ is recalling Choripdong Chocolate Almond Richmond Ice Bar (4bags/432ml) because they may contain undeclared eggs.
Staying Out of Asthma’s Danger Zone
Asthma has warning signs that can be fairly obvious, giving people with asthma time to take positive action. Not every asthma patient, however, knows how to ward off a crisis.
New Guidelines for Controlling Asthma in Older Women
Asthma can be difficult to deal with for anyone at any age. But older women may suffer more from the condition than other groups.
FDA Approves OTC Flonase
To ease the symptoms of allergies, many people turn to nasal sprays. These allergy patients will soon have a new over-the-counter option.
Company Recalls Butternut Squash Ravioli Due to Undeclared Allergens
Carmel Food Group today issued a voluntary recall of Rising Moon Organics Butternut Squash Ravioli, a frozen product, because of mixed product in the packages with SELL BY APR 09 2015 (ONLY).
Whole Foods Recalls Pre-Packaged Salads for Undeclared Allergens
Whole Foods Market is recalling mini 4oz. containers of pre-packaged Caesar salad and Mesclun Goat Cheese salad sold in stores on July 8, 2014 throughout New York, New Jersey (Excluding Princeton, Cherry Hill and Marlton) and Connecticut (Excluding Glastonbury, West Hartford and Bishop’s Corner).
Parents Worried Most if Child Was Allergic to Eggs, Milk
Many children are allergic to peanuts, but parents may worry most about other food allergies.
A Bit of Grime Might Protect Babies From Allergies
Parents of newborns usually don’t want their children around cockroaches, rodents or cats. New research suggests that exposure to those creatures may not be as harmful as once thought — it may even be beneficial.