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Anaphylaxis: An Unpredictable Danger
Anaphylaxis can occur within seconds of exposure to an allergen like a peanut or a bee sting. But new evidence suggests that many US schools may be ill-prepared to deal with such events.
Epinephrine Autoinjectors: Safety Tips
Even lifesaving devices like epinephrine autoinjectors can pose risks. That's why it's important to use them safely.
How to Cope with Winter Allergies
It’s getting chilly out and, just like clockwork, you’re back sniffling again. But before you write off that stuffy nose as just another cold, you may want to consider that the culprit could actually be winter allergies.
Making Life Better for Chronic Sinus Infection Patients
Chronic sinus infections can lead to sleep problems and poor quality of life, but there may be some hope on the horizon.
Drinking Water Recalled Due to Allergen Risk
Austin, TX – H-E-B has issued a voluntary recall specifically for the Hill Country Fare One Gallon Spring Water with the Best By date of December 19, 2015, due to the possible presence of a milk allergen.
New Guidelines: When to Use Epinephrine
Getting the right treatment in an allergy emergency can be the difference between life and death. An expert panel weighed in on these emergencies.
Coping with Spring Allergies
The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, but there’s one problem — achoo! Allergies. If you have seasonal allergies, you’re not alone. Roughly 40 million Americans have seasonal allergies.
Allergy Home Remedies: What Does and Doesn't Work
When allergy season hits, many patients scramble for a way to keep symptoms at bay. If you're looking at home remedies, be sure to get the facts about their effectiveness.
Allergy Season in Full Bloom
When spring is in full swing, allergy season isn't far behind. But what can patients do to help keep themselves allergy-free this season?
The Nose Knows: Neti Pot Safety and Use
The habit of purposefully pouring water up your nose might seem like a strange one, but it's increasingly becoming a part of more people's routine.