Rheumatic DiseaseInfo Center

Blood Test Tracks RA Activity
Managing rheumatoid arthritis can be difficult, especially because the disease can get worse before symptoms surface or worsen.
Smoking May Worsen RA
Smoking hurts your lungs, there's no doubt about it. But smoking is bad for you in so many other ways, especially if you have rheumatoid arthritis.
Why Does Menopause Bring on RA?
Menopause can be a time of massive change for many women. It is important to keep in mind that it's a natural change. But when menopause comes early, it could be a sign of arthritis to come.
RA Drug Stops Pain, Protects Heart
People with rheumatoid arthritis are thankful enough when their drug treatment reduces the pain of their disease. It is even better when those drugs protect them from a potentially deadly complication: heart disease.
Ultrasound Spots Heart Disease
People with rheumatoid arthritis face a higher risk of heart disease. If doctors can identify which patients are most at risk, they can take steps to prevent this potentially deadly complication of rheumatoid arthritis.
Signs of Future Spinal Damage in AS
Over time, ankylosing spondylitis can do some serious damage to your spine. If doctors can find out why the disease gets worse in certain patients, they may also be able to slow down the damage of this painful disease.
FDA Issues Warning on Natural Supplement
There are countless dietary supplements marketed as natural remedies for pain relief. In some instances, these supplements turn out to be neither natural nor safe, which seems to be the case for Reumofan Plus.
Spotting Heart Disease Early in RA Patients
Rheumatoid arthritis patients are at an increased risk of heart disease. The key to treatment is catching it early. A specialized ultrasound scan appears to offer an effective screening capable of detecting early heart abnormalities.
Needles Not Needed for Arthritis Drug
Many parents know this scenario: the nurse at the doctor's office pulls out a needle and your child starts bawling. For many children, shots are scary. Now it seems some kids with arthritis don't have to face the needle.
Boosting Activity for Arthritis
Exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy for any human being. Physical activity is especially important for arthritis patients trying to reduce pain.