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Muscle and Fat are Signs of RA Disability
To best treat rheumatoid arthritis, doctors need to know how the disease is taking a toll on patients' joints. But it's not always easy to tell how disabled a patient is. So, how can doctors measure disability?
Cat Scratch Fever Bacteria Linked to RA
Cats are a common creature in households around the United States. We love our furry friends. But they can also carry a bacteria that could be giving us illnesses like arthritis.
Rise in RA Linked to Obesity
Obesity puts a strain on your body. As rates of obesity continue to grow among Americans, so do rates of obesity-related conditions like diabetes. Is obesity also to blame for the rise in rheumatoid arthritis?
RA Drugs Carry Similar Risk
Many experts recommend that rheumatoid arthritis patients get early drug treatment to slow down their disease and prevent disability. With so many drug options, it's important to know the safety of each drug.
Infection Risk Up in Seniors with RA
Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to more than painful joints; it can lead to other serious health problems. If doctors know which patients are at risk, they can take steps to prevent complications.
RA May Be More Active in Poor People
Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease, meaning it can last for years to a lifetime. Throughout the course of the disease, symptoms can get better or worse. Many factors can affect disease activity, including wealth.
Cigarettes May Worsen Arthritis
Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are two vices that can take a toll on your health in a variety of ways. More specifically, these habits may worsen certain types of arthritis.
Second Line of Defense Against RA
People with rheumatoid arthritis are often treated with anti-TNF drugs. When these drugs fail, patients may need to switch to a different drug. But which drug should be the second line of defense?
RA Drugs May Boost Infection Risk
Rheumatoid arthritis patients are commonly treated with anti-TNF medications. As with many arthritis drugs, there are concerns that anti-TNF drugs may lead to some serious side effects.
Losing the Brain in RA
As people grow old, they may start to have problems with memory, language, thinking and judgment. Some diseases may play a role in this loss of brain function known as cognitive impairment.